Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sew-Along #16 - Hippy Chick Skirt - Preparations

The Hippy Chick Skirt by Pink Fig

Before we begin the sew-along on Tuesday, July 29th, you'll want to gather a few items and do a few things to prepare.

Items to Collect
  1. You must have the Hippy Chick Skirt Instructions to complete this project.  If you have not yet purchased them, please do so here.
  2. If you do not have fabric for the project you will want to purchase that also.  At the time of this writing we do have a some fabric kits available.  We also have lots of fun fabric selections on our website.  
  3. You will need coordinating thread to complete this project.  The project kits did not come with thread, so please make sure you have some.  
  4. One inch wide elastic is needed according to the Hippy Chick instructions.  Fabric kits came with 3/4" wide elastic, which is more of an industry standard size.  We will be teaching the adjustments needed to use the 3/4" elastic for the waist instead.
  5. And finally, you will need pins, a sewing machine, a good iron (a steam iron is preferable for sewing), a pair of fabric shears or a rotary cutter and mat, a ruler, and a fabric pen or chalk.  

Things to Do
  1. Make sure to prewash and preshrink all of your fabrics.  I wash my fabrics on warm/hot and then I dry my fabrics in the dryer with no softeners.  I always preshrink this way when I am using fabric for clothing construction.  I would hate to work hard on something only to have it shrink and not fit when I was done.
  2. Press your fabrics well.  I try to do this straight out of the dryer so that the wrinkles come out easier.  
  3. If you purchased the sewing instructions as a PDF, make sure to download them onto your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  4. Don't forget to join our Facebook Sew-Along Group so you can post your progress pictures. Everyone who posts completed lesson pictures, on time, to the Facebook Group, will be entered into drawings to win their choice of an iTunes,, Starbucks, McDonalds, or Red Box gift card.  We will have three chances to win!
Happy Sewing,
Danielle Storm

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