Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sew-Along #10 - Bedtime Story Pajamas - Lesson #1

The Bedtime Story Pajamas by Oliver+S
*If you need to see more detail in any of the pictures please click on them to enlarge.

Day 1 - Printing and Assembling the Pattern and Cutting Out the Fabric

Printing the Pattern
  • If you haven't already, you will want to start by printing out your pattern.  This pattern does not need to be printed in color.  Make sure to set your printer to grey scale or the black and white setting to save on ink.
  • When printing, make sure that you choose no scaling or actual size.  Do no select fit to page.
  • Also, if you would like to save on paper and ink, you can print out just the pattern pieces instead of the whole PDF.  Then, you can read the directions off of you computer or device.
    Note: I highly recommend that you read through all of the instructions before starting.  It's a good idea with any pattern.  ;)

Pattern Assembly
  • To assemble the pattern you simply match up the numbers in the circles. 
    You will need to cut apart the pieces and rotate 
    some of them to fit them together.
  • When pieced together correctly, all of the numbers and letters will have the same orientation.
  • When you finish piecing your pattern together, you can either cut out your desired size or you can trace out your pattern onto freezer paper (for directions check out this post) or tracing paper. 
    Note: If you are using flannel for your pajamas and would like to use freezer paper pattern pieces, take into consideration that the freezer paper will pick up some of the fuzz from the fabric.  You will still be able to use your pattern pieces over and over, just not quit as many times as if you were using them on knit or quilting cottons.  I still use it on flannel because I just love freezer paper too much not too!  ;)
  • Tip from Suzanne:  To make cutting easier - trace your size with a highlighter, marker, or crayon to make visually following your line ever easier.

Cutting Your Fabric
  • You will be cutting pattern pieces 2, 3, 5, and 6 out of your main fabric.  Pieces 1, 4, 7, and 8 should be cut out of your trim fabric.  Carefully follow the cutting layout diagrams found in the PDF directions.
  • Be sure to transfer all markings because we will need those later.

That's all for today!  You can post a picture of your completed lesson on our Facebook GroupWe would love to see your progress.  

Tomorrow we will begin to sew up our pajama top.  See you soon.

Happy Sewing,
Danielle and Kara

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