Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sew-Along #10 - Bedtime Story Pajamas - Lesson #3

The Bedtime Story Pajamas by Oliver+S
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Day 3 - Finishing the Kimono Style Top

Well, here we are again!  I hope you are refreshed and ready to start the day out by finishing your kimono (or maybe finish your day with some sewing).  The first few steps are a little tricky so it is probably good to start with fresh eyes.

We left off yesterday by attaching the neckband.  Let's pick up with the neckband…

Press the neckband up.  
Working on the wrong side of the kimono, fold the neckband up on itself so that it looks like an accordion fold.  You will end up with the kimono raw edge, neckband raw edge, neckband folded edge and neckband raw edge all stacked on itself (the second picture also shows the accordion fold).   Trim the short edge to a 1/2" overhang.

Unfold the neckband and center the raw edge of the tie in the center of the accordion fold.  So your tie raw edge fits inside the folded edge of the neckband. Use the same process to secure the second tie on the other flap of the kimono.

Fold the accordion back down on top of itself and pin.  Follow the edge of the kimono to sew a straight line that secures the tie inside the neckband.  Stitch over it a few times to be sure the ties are secure.  Trim any overhand to 1/4".

Flip the neckband over to the front side of the kimono.  When you get to the ties, they will be attached perfectly.  (You can see the tie flipped over two pictures down.)  Pin the neckband in place.

Edgestitch the neckband in place.

Oh we are SO close to being finished!  Hang with me for a few more steps. Match the sleeve edges together and then match the side pieces together.  Pin and stitch in place.  Be sure to make a right angle at the corner of the kimono side and sleeve using one continuous stitch.  Finish seams.

Finish the bottom hemline of the kimono.  
Turn the hem to the wrong side 1/2" and then fold again to create a 1" hem. Topstitch the hemline.

Repeat the above process to finish the sleeves of the kimono.

Attach the tie to the inside of the kimono on the side seam just under the sleeve.  Pin the tie 1/2" below the sleeve seam.  Stitch the tie to the kimono by sewing a rectangle (just to be sure the tie is secure).  The second tie goes on the outside of the kimono but in the same manner as the other tie.

Can you even stand it!  Preciousness!!!  I'm so proud of you for finishing the kimono!  It is really cute and your little is going to love it so much!

I hope you have enjoyed sewing the kimono today.  Please join me tomorrow to start the pajama bottoms, we can't have half a PJ set!  

Here is my son in his PJ's.  He loves that they are similar to his karate uniform. They're cute for boys or girls!

She always does a twirl!

Thank you again for sewing with me!  See you tomorrow to begin working on the pants!

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