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Sew-Along #10 - Bedtime Story Pajamas - Lesson #2

The Bedtime Story Pajamas by Oliver+S
*If you need to see more detail in any of the pictures please click on them to enlarge.

Day 2 - Beginning the Kimono Style Top

You should have the pattern pieces printed out and taped together, along with the fabric cut into appropriate pieces.

We will start by constructing the ties of the kimono.  Follow the steps below and iron after each step.

After the ties are ironed neatly, stitch the open edges closed.

We are going to encase the front slanted edge of the kimono.  Fold in 1/2" and iron, then fold in a 1/2" a second time to hide the raw edge. 

This makes a really nice outside and inside front panel.

Note: It is a good idea to go ahead and serge the shoulder edges, this allows the seam to be ironed open nicely later.  

Line up the front and back panels at the shoulders.  Stitch the shoulders together, but be sure to stop when you get to the dot you transferred from the pattern.

Press your seam open.  Remember when I told you to finish your edges before you sew the shoulder seams together?  This nice flat seam is the reason.  I like the look of the seam being opened up with two serged edges instead of just one serged seam. 

These seams also needs to be clipped in a "V" at the neck opening to the dot. This "V" helps when the neckband gets attached. 

I have to be honest, this next step took me a few minutes to figure out what in the world I was supposed to do.  When you lay out the pieces it looks more like this picture (ignore my phone and scraps, lol) than the diagram the pattern shows.  The center of the sleeve piece gets attached at the shoulder seam.  The sleeve ends up being placed right in between the dots on the kimono front and kimono back.  Stitch the sleeve to the kimono.

Here is another view to help you understand the sleeve placement a little better.  Both sleeves are laid out flat.  Finish your sleeve seams with a serger or zig zag stitch.

Fold and press your neckband piece 1/2" on one long side.  Be sure you are ironing to the wrong side, I love that my fabric is the same on both sides so I don't have to worry about right and wrong sides.

With your top facing right side up, lay out the Kimono so that the neckline is in a straight line.  The sleeves get folded into triangles to help attach the neckband.

This is an important step that I totally messed up the first time but made all the difference when I did it the correct way.  Place both the neckband and kimono right side up, aligning the raw edges.  The neckband needs to be on the bottom and the kimono on the top.  Pin the neckband to the kimono so that the right side of the neckband is facing the wrong side of the kimono (the neckband is under the kimono).  You can barely see my neckband peeking through at the top, right of this picture.  Stitch the two pieces together with 1/2" seam allowance.

You are going to be so please when we finish the Kimono.  Please come back and sew with me again tomorrow!

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